Workshop Topic/Target Audience                                                     Takeaways/Goals

Goal Achievement: Managing Energy and Effort to Maximize Results

3.0 Hours


Working Teams, Entrepreneurs, Managers

·      Techniques for Clarifying Goals


·      Measure and Gain Commitment


·      Tips for Visualizing


·      Energy Management


·      Common Obstacles and Breakthrough Methods to Manage.

Words that Change and Influence Minds-


NLP application to Business and Life


3.0 Hours


Customizable to any Group or Situation;

Extremely helpful for sales/customer

facing teams. Our most popular workshop, past participants reported immediate utility in

personal life as well.


·      Easily Establish Deep Levels of Rapport and Communication with Anyone


·      Ability to Craft Powerful Presentations


·      Create Irresistible Influencing Language; both in Personal and Professional Life


·      Create High performance Teams by managing People’s

strengths instead of suffering through their Weaknesses

Negotiate to Win



3.0 Hours

Working Teams, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Sales



Negotiate to Win XL


6.0 Hours

Expanded Version

Includes practice negotiation game



Culture Assesments


Market Focus Cultural Assessment Workshop


4-6 hours followed by 1-3 days of facilitated team sessions and workshops.


Mid-sized to large businesses


Provides independent, fact-based view of the organization and empowers internal growth and transformation.




·    Understand the difference between Selling

and Negotiation


·    Understand and Leverage Negotiation Strategies


·    Use creative advantages to counter competitive offers


·    Develop stronger client and personal relationships through win-win negotiations


·    Learn to Apply strategies to favorably influence the four primary negotiating styles


·    Influence how others view your proposals








Compare one’s own organization against average

levels of marketing-orientation on industry,

national and global scales.

Benchmarking for use in continuous improvement

efforts of the marketing activities within an



Marketing diagnostics for specific elements

of an organization that were perceived

as underperforming.


Assess compatibility between two or more internal elements of an organization similar (or on occasion, dissimilar) elements of the organization.


Measure “values creep” resulting from changes within internal management or broad-ranging changes in marketplace or society.


Customized workshops, team sessions and management consultations directed towards desired goals, changes or direction. On-going support after the assessment.