How is Sales-Rx Coaching Different?

Why Sales-Rx?

Good programs typically control complexity. Great programs like Sales RX do this and also produce change in direction, alignment, awareness and movement resulting measurable revenue gains. We do it with a three step process and customized templates that address everything from crucial conversations to overcoming overwhelm- priority management.

What’s the difference between sales coaching and sales training? It seems like a really simple question, but there are actually some critical differences between the two. When we go into an organization, it’s usually because the leaders want to improve sales revenue and so this often takes us into a conversation, how can we improve the sales training? Organizations will spend millions upon millions of dollars going from a three-step sales process to a six-step sales process or editing language on 50 PowerPoint modules, but what actually happens? They put their reps through hours of sales training, but often nothing really changes.

Why is that? Well, first off, complex sales models are really hard to remember when you’re in an interaction with an actual human customer because they don’t account for individual differences and so they’re not a bulletproof solution, but the second reason nothing changes is because models don’t drive behavior. The underpinning of behavior and thus performance is actually intent. So what do I mean by that? Imagine if I taught you a six-step model for improving communication with your partner or your spouse.

Now if your intent is to get your partner to comply with all of your wishes, the model itself is not going to be nearly as effective as it would if your intent is to make your spouse feel valued and understood because you see your behavior, and thus your ability to implement any model or technique, is driven by your intent. So what does that have to do with sales coaching? Well, it’s really simple. If the intent is to simply close more deals, get the customer to comply with your wishes, your sales training won’t be nearly as effective as it will be if the intent is to understand the customer and figure out where you can add value.

So yes, sales people need parameters and guidelines, but if your sales people are not emotionally connecting with the right intent, the problem will not be fixed by new sales training, but that’s where your sales coaching comes in. You see, you can help the sales person adopt the right intent because sales coaching is you, the manager, out in the field, coaching in live time, as opposed to a classroom or some old case study. You see, you’re the one who can help your team apply the sales model in the service of the customer and this is really an important differentiator because you have to remember, the sales rep is not in the service of the sales model.

The sales rep implements the sales model in the service of the customer. Sales coaching is not micromanaging or taking over the call. Think about some of the best sports coaches. There’s never a moment when they just shove the player aside. Imagine a performer at the Olympics and she’s on the balance beam. Is there ever a minute when the coach gets frustrated, he runs up and he just knocks her off the beam and takes over the routine himself? No, he coaches her.

He coaches her before the big event and during the event. The ROI on coaching comes when the player actually succeeds on their own. So let me share a really important statistic with you. This is from the Sales Executive Council. Did you know that spending more than three hours a month on coaching sales people increased their ability to attain their goal by 17% as compared to spending two hours or less? So the difference between three hours and two hours is tremendous.

So the business case for sales coaching is really clear. Your job as a leader is to get out there and do it.


Sales-Rx uses breakthrough coaching approaches that address each of these areas and can set the stage for career-changing and transformative results.   Learn more.  Read our Six Points of Consideration below.

Six Points of Consideration

  • Versatility: Our staff boasts years of accumulated success in planning, executing and driving business development across many industries.
  • Sales Training Specialization: Business development/sales expertise background with professional  packages also available, designed by Miller-Heiman credentialed facilitators. Much like personalized medicine, the prescription for sales success is different for each person. Research shows us that the traditional, cookie-cutter approach to sales training produces limited return on investment. Sales professionals enter into any process with unique strengths, backgrounds, needs, and blind spots.
  • Seasoned Talent: Specialists with thousands of hours of coaching experience, relevant post-graduate university degrees, and a record of high performance in responsible business development positions combine skills to create specialized guidance to any sales group.
  • Credentialing: Coaches certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with ongoing continuing education credits updated annually. When you consider using a coach, look for the ICF® certification . . . Your organization deserves nothing less.
  • The Professionally Certified Coach™ (PCC®) certification is awarded to those select coaches who have met global standards for competence, ethics, and results and have over 750 hours of coaching experience. ICF coaches must submit to the most rigorous vetting process in the profession that includes taking in-depth examinations covering coaching competencies and ethics, and an oral exam by senior level Master Coaches.
  • Depth of curriculum: Sales Rx uses a coaching approach that goes far beyond the simple transfer of information and delves into addressing core competencies in both functional and interpersonal skills, adding years of value and extended
 growth to your organization. Personalized focus on communication skills, selling strategies, closing skills, along with the all-important qualities of commitment and attitude are stressed resulting in measurable gains for all participants. Sales Trainers are certified in Miller Heiman processes, Focus certification for consultative selling and other prestigious programs.
  • Customization: Solution focused plans based on the unique needs, organizational culture, strengths and goals of each individual or group.

Coaching is a must to reach the limits of one’s potential.  Sales-Rx offers coaching using a unique transformative approach based on the latest research and proven technique.

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