“I had failed at many attempts to run a coaching business. I was about to give up before I began working with Kelly Gallagher. Even though I adored the coaching profession and my clients kept repeatedly telling me about the good results they were getting, I simply wasn’t good at business itself. I was a trained coach, after all, not a trained businesswoman and salesperson. Trying to have a coaching business with little to no business experience can be a recipe for disaster. I’m really glad I met Kelly or I might not still be in business.

Kelly taught me consultative selling, how to package my coaching offerings, and how to approach potential clients. She also helped me to get out of my own way. As a perfectionist, I felt insecure and I’d spent long periods of time in isolation trying to make things just so before I showed them to anyone else. I was creating in a vacuum and working way too hard! Kelly convinced me to just go out there and try things. As a result, I have a much clearer focus than before and I’ve developed a business acumen that I would not have had without her guidance.

There is a well-known gap between coaching certifications and actual business expertise, and it’s painful to see. Kelly addresses this need. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone who loves coaching but wants to increase her knowledge (and confidence) about how to actually make money at a coaching business. I’m will forever be grateful for having worked with Kelly. Not only has it been a joy to work with her, but my business is running much better as a result.

Debra PayneDebrapaynephd.com, Ogden, Utah – June , 2017

“We wanted quick results and a customized approach to selling goals and Kelly delivered on all counts. She developed workshops around the goals we had set and truly helped us hit numbers we needed.”

Tom Ryan, Owner,  Dallas Athletes, Coppell , TX, – September 2016

“Working with Kelly in the 90 Minutes to Success program has benefitted me in three key areas:

I found clarity around what and who I wanted to coach. Kelly assisted me with developing my niche and defining my ideal client.

  1. I discovered options for presenting my service offerings. Kelly changed my focus from hourly rates to solution bundles.
  2. I gained understanding around developing my brand. Kelly guided me into incorporating my coaching and non-coaching skills to authentically present myself and my offerings.”

I continue to be coached by Kelly and participate in 90 Minutes to Success because of her great coaching being bolstered by her successful selling background!

Eric D. Coy,  Houston, Texas –  March,  2017

Kelly has been my coach now for 5 years, and I know for certain that ours is going to be a long-term relationship. Kelly “brings it” to each coaching session. Her perspective is mature, business savvy and fearless. She asks deep and probing questions to bring out self-awareness. She helped me reframe my struggle with the term ‘bold’ from obnoxious and ‘in your face” to assertive, and being true to the value I bring to the table. Because Kelly supports and challenges me, I’ve also become less risk averse, and this confidence has benefitted the growth of my coaching practice. She also practices and promotes exercise and movement as a necessary compliment to mental toughness and development of stronger coping skills. Kelly is an expert in sales coaching, a perfect fit for those who are motivated to grow their business and see better bottom-line results.”

Lisa Chamely-Aqui, LCA Partnerships LLC, USVI, September 2015


“Kelly has been a valued coach for me over the past several years. Like most tenured sales professionals, I have a tendency to get stuck in my way of approaching business/clients; however, Kelly’s coaching style has allowed me to shift my focus and approach, which has led to new opportunities in my market. From a strategic standpoint her advice and expertise has been invaluable, as it has helped me adjust and work through our major corporate changes, which has taken the company in a new direction.”

Randy Robinson, Sales Manager,  Mason, Ohio-  May 2016

“It was a pleasure to work with Kelly as my Mentor coach. Kelly’s coaching was invaluable as she helped me to establish my executive coaching business. Kelly was incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that helped me see things from different perspectives, and she then held me accountable for achieving my goals. Kelly is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. I feel privileged to have her as my Mentor coach.

Golnaz Farazi, Executive Coach, Austin, TX-  December  2016