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Executive Group Facilitation

Audience | Executive, senior and mid-level business development manager

Best Application | Strategic planning and offsite problem-solving

Why | Help maximize communication, collaboration and engagement

Customized Sales Training

Audience | Sales individuals and teams

Best Application | Consultative and strategic selling

Why | Trainers are certified by Forum Corporation and Miller Heiman and can help maximize effectiveness using proven methodologies

Includes | Needs assessment across the global sales organization spanning corporate alignment, talent and performance processes, e-learning capabilities and CRM best practices

Take-away | Customized sales curriculum and learning strategy

Group Coaching

Audience | Teams & Entrepreneurs

Best Application | Follow-up to or alongside sales training or coaching, usually over a six-month to one-year period

Why | This method supports teams in gaining knowledge, applying skills and developing new habits and behaviors.

For Teams | Teams who benefit from group coaching are going through significant challenges, new leadership, or changes requiring new thinking and learning in order to be successful. Cross- functional teams benefit from learning clear processes, cross-pollination of ideas, and in creating and following productive rules of engagement.

Specific to Entrepreneurs | Being in a group of peers provides a unique setting for practice, growth and learning

Includes | Coach guidance and oversight, peers and individuals that allow you to learn from the wisdom of the group, support accountability for desired behavior changes, relationship-building that fosters trust and collaboration and financial savings over one-one-one coaching

Individual Coaching

Audience | Individuals interested in creating an awareness and cultivation of personal presence within the sales call

Best Application | Agreements are crafted to provides attention and support in a private one-to-one setting after thoroughly assessing a participant’s strengths and goals

Why | Improve self awareness and emotional intelligence, strengthen business acumen and make behavioral changes that lead to better sales

Includes | Strength assessment, learning how to better communicate, influence his/her actions and rounding out selling skills – may also include assessments, shadow coaching during key presentations or staff meetings, targeted stress reduction practice, or laser coaching to desired behavioral changes

Workshops and Presentations

  • Negotiation Skills for Business Development Professionals
  • Words That Change Minds – Using NLP in the Negotiation
  • Flourishing Through Energy Management
  • Creating Alignment with the Sales Team … and Everyone Else
  • Effectively Articulating Service/Product Differentiation

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