Sales-Rx Coaching Creates a Systematic On-Going Cycle of Improvement for your Sales Team

Sales training includes integration of Miller-Heiman certified techniques in strategic selling and Forum corporation strategic selling principles by certified trainers.

Training is generally followed up with coaching. Coaching takes the principles learned in the classroom and integrates them into real world situation and also addresses growth in six areas – trust & rapport, alignment, awareness, skill development, integration and then growth & change. 

Trust and Rapport: Sometimes overlooked, key foundation for true motivation and commitment.

Alignment: Due to competing priorities, unspoken agendas, and opposing viewpoints, many teams and organizations lack alignment, misaligned teams struggle regardless of the amount of talent. Gaps between the current relationship reality and the desired future state are clarified and explored.

Awareness: Exploration of one’s strengths, stressors, and coping mechanisms.

Skill Development: Professional sales is a high performance job. Personal development and continuous improvement in key communication skills are emphasized.

Integration: Practice, internalization and personalization of new behaviors and skills.

Growth and Change: Desire to move forward with new goals, stretch and challenge oneself. Application of new approaches that allow rapid process improvement and increasing adaptability and self-confidence.