Coaching Research

Why is there an increasing demand for executive coaching?

Because the results are both tangible and measurable.

As early as 2009, The Harvard Business Review published a lengthy study on the benefits of executive coaching; in 2014, Forbes Magazine began reporting coaching’s impact on organizational financial performance; and recently, PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a study for the International Coach Federation that revealed specific metrics of improvement in work performance, business management, time management and team effectiveness.

Improvements ranged from 51-70%, with 99% of organizations surveyed reporting satisfaction with their results. The PwC survey showed 86% of executive coaching clients earned back their full investment in additional income or revenue, with some earning substantially more: a Metrix-Global study at one Fortune 500 company recorded 529% ROI on their external coaching in addition to “significant intangible benefits,” while another revealed companies including global consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton received a startling average ROI of $790 for every $100 invested in executive coaching.